City of London
Big Ben? No!A russian man!
Fontain in front of the Buckingham Palace
Thank you very much Andrew for a lot of fun! You are the best!
The famous Charch in the UK (we can listen it orghan by BBC)
Thank you very much Nancy and Jonathan for your hospitality. It was incredibly!
Hastings, East Sussex, England, the UK
I like an open space. Who did say that England is a very small country?
School, balcony, sea and the Big Brother. I love this game!
English Class
We are not competitors, we are the friends. Yes, friends at Embassy CES.
Bernadette Vicente - my morning's the English teacher
My dear teacher, I love your lessons a lot. I hope to see you again... May be...
Lisa - afternoon teacher, Luis from Columbia
I liked your stories about life, Lisa. I hope Luis likes too...
Computer's class in the school
What are you doing here, programmer?
My host-family's house
Behind this door are waiting me my second family - the English family. Thank you very much for your hospitality, Mrs. Barnden.
Single room for student
I love this comfortable and cosy place for the rest and study.
Dinning room
Our place for conversations. We had a multi-national family: China, Russia, Poland, Spain, Swaziland... and England.