Russian group in Chicago with mother Bev and mother Cathie
Are you going home? No! Only a small trip and we return.
 WAC, the final meet.
WAC, the final meeting.
 Thank you very, very, very much for all.
Thank YOU very, very, very much for all.
Who knows, may be we can meet each other again?
Who knows, may be we can meet each other again?
This is only first meet - we even could not think about future.
This was only first meeting - we even could not think about future.
Why are you smiling?
Why are you smilling?
It is not danger to be in St. Louis to night. May be I am not right?
Black and beautiful nights in St.Louis.
It was so greate and exiting !
Party. It was something new, exsiting, interesting and fresh for us.