It's so beautiful - horses ...
Anybody wants BUDWEISER?
Soon, very soon will be 4'th of July!
Beautiful horses and I :).
Horses and mobil phone...
The US leader in the new technologies.
We have not like this dolls in the Russia.
All are resting...
Do you like this?
Fairy-tale on the St. Louis streets.
You must see they show!
In the US all religions - free.
All people are smiling.
Friendly people everywhere!
Don't worry - you will be have today very much oats.
That was all great!
Our team.
Cathie is a very beautiful woman!
The russian woman. Realy?
They are very friendly!
Low and order? No problem!
I was on the to of this Arch! It was cool !
Arch. If you did't see it - you see nothing in the St. Louis!