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RTX DUALphone 4088 Skype
For those who want to add additional languages (such as Russian). You can do this via the service menu of the handset. I believe there is a hardware difference between different local versions of this device, but if it only language menu you are after, this should work.

1. Please select on handset Menu - 4 - 2 - 6 - 8 - 5 -> Service Menu -> Hardware Variant

2. then change to a variant of your choice

3. Go back to idle screen and select the Menu - Settings - Advanced - Reset.

4. When you see the LED on base station becomes solid, short press (1 sec) on the reset key on base station to start the registration procedures to pair up the handset.

Re: RTX DUALphone 4088 Skype
Beware of allowing the base to get an IP address from the router and the reset button has two modes (1 second press - register handset, 15 second press - full reset)


"To anyone with the IP problems not sure if it works on the 3088 but this is the fix for the 4088 phones:

If you could not retrieve the information, please try the following procedures to reset your phone:

Before going to step 1 Reset the Modem...

1) Base: Power on the base station and place network cable in the base

2) Base: Press the reset button for 15 sec. ( LED should flash shortly at 10 sec, but just to be sure press it for 15 sec. )

3) Base: Wait 10 min where the base station lights - yes wait 10 mins!

4) Handset: Reset Handset – Menu –settings – advanced –reset

5) Base: Press the reset button (1 sec) again on the base station to enable registration mode

6) Handset: Place handset in charger, now it starts searching for open base station (if handset still cannot found the base station, please try again on step 4 – 6 and put the handset on charger immediately after base station enter to registration mode on step 5)

7) When base station is found – please follow the instructions described on the screen.

Please now try to log in to Skype.


Long press “reset” button (around 15 sec) indicates to reset Dualphone but not registering HS to base.

Short press “reset” button (around 1 sec) indicates registering HS to base.